Yay.. more crappy weather for Bike to Work Week

Next week is “Bike to Work Week” in Maryland, and the weather looks like a carbon copy of last year’s Bike to Work Week: rain as far as the eye can see.  With any luck, we’ll dry out by Friday, which is “Bike to Work Day.”  But unfortunately, it’s not the kind of weather that is going to inspire first-time bike commuters to hit the streets.

I’m not quite as enthused about “Bike to Work Day” this year as I was last, mainly due to the complete lack of rallies and events anywhere near me.  The Howard County rally is at Columbia Mall again, which is 10 miles in the opposite direction of work.  There’s one at Northrop Grumman, near BWI Airport, which could work for me if it wasn’t for employees only.  All of the Baltimore County events are north of the city, and the only AA County rally is in Annapolis.  I suppose I could organize a rally myself, but event planning is decidedly not my strong suit (although I’d be more than happy to get involved if someone were to step up to the plate).  I think an ideal location for a rally would be the BWI Airport business district (Airport Square), as there are a lot of office parks nearby, and the surrounding area is very bike friendly thanks to the trail that circles the airport.


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