My kind of rain

Now this is more like it.  If it’s going to rain, I’d much rather it be chilly, so I can wear rain gear and actually be comfortable in it.  This morning was 50 degrees with a nice, misty drizzle.  I wore full rain gear, which includes a Marmot rain jacket, hi-vis vest, Novara rain pants, and shoe covers.  Ideally I’d like it maybe 5 degrees cooler, but this wasn’t bad.  I was comfortable enough that I extended my ride a bit and did a loop through the park.  My rain jacket is about a year old now, and I really like it.  It normally runs around $90-$100 at REI, but I believe I got it on sale for $70 or so.  It’s been worth the money.  I recently found out that an REI is going to be opening in Columbia, around 10 minutes from me.  A convenient REI could be dangerous for our bank account.  It’s much safer having the REI on the opposite side of town, 20 miles away, in a direction we never go.


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