Spring Break (from traffic)

This week is Spring Break for Baltimore County schools, and next week is Howard County’s Spring Break.  Spring Break always means less traffic in the morning, so I’m planning my rides accordingly.  This week I’m doing some rides through Catonsville, and next week I’ll extend my rides on the Howard County side, maybe riding out to New Cut Rd and going through Ellicott City.  It’s a nice preview of Summer Vacation and its blissful lack of morning traffic.

April is one of those awkward months, like October, where 30-degree swings in daytime temperature are not uncommon.  Today figures to be one of those days.  When I left this morning it was 45 out, and the predicted high for the day is 75.  This callls for warm clothes in the morning and cool clothes in the afternoon.  I like to wear shorts, leg warmers, a long sleeve jersey and a windbreaker early.  I pack a short sleeve jersey for later, then stash the leg warmers, long sleeve jersey and jacket for the afternoon ride.  Just need to make sure to leave enough room to stow the extra clothes on the bike.

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